Swimming-pool and whirpool pumps

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Self-priming Swimming Pool Pump with Integrated Frequency Converter

Flow Head Power
2 / 16 5,6 / 15,6 1,05
mc/h m kW
  • Domestic and residential
  • Swimming-pools

Data sheet

Self-priming swimming pool pumps with built-in strainer and motor insulated from pumped water.
The pump is made with high quality plastic materials, corrosion and sand erosion resistant.
With stainless steel diffuser.
Base-plate kit.


  • For water circulation in swimming pool filtration systems.
  • For clean or slightly dirty water with solids in suspension.

Operating conditions

  • Liquid temperature from 0 °C to +40 °C.
  • Ambient temperature up to 40° C.
  • Maximum permissible pressure in the pump casing 2,5 bar.
  • Continuous duty.


  • Integrated frequency converter
  • High efficiency asynchronous motor
  • Motor power control
  • Voltage and current control
  • Monitoring of maximum starting current


  • Dry-run protection
  • Detects the presence of air in the pump casing
  • Overload control and overheating motor control
  • Pump blockage
  • Power supply control
  • Starts per hour control
  • Detects small leakages in the system