Calpeda is a company that is committed to study, to develop, to manufacture and to industrialize pumping systems. We want to continue that which was started many years ago by Vinicio Mettifogo, founder and pioneer

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The electricity consumed by motors represents about 70% of the total electricity used by industry in Europe. This piece of information is sufficient for understanding the full importance of Commission Regulation (EC) No 640/2009 implementing Directive 2005/32/EC of the European Parliament on electric motors undertaken by the European Community a few years ago, and which […]

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Pollutec 2016 closed on December 2nd and, as always, innovation was the focus of the event. This year’s leading trends included the integration of digital technology into eco-solutions of all kind, water efficiency in industry, waste optimization and exploitation in order to maximize the recovery of materials, etc. Calpeda, with its French subsidiary Calpeda Pompes, […]

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